Smart Parking Management System For Your Enterprise

Parking Management Solution

With increasing vehicles, managing their parking is becoming a tough task day by day. Managing parking with limited human resources gives rise to variety of problems like – haphazard parking, people parking in no parking zone, parking in someone else’s parking slot, cars moving in wrong direction on defined lanes, no accurate data on empty slots, etc. This leads to inefficient parking management, besides wastage of time.

To overcome this, Matrix Video Management software comes with a Parking Management solution that puts an end to all your parking woes. It is a comprehensive solution for your premises that will prevent people from parking haphazardly, parking in restricted areas, parking in others' slots, moving in a wrong direction and also give real-time status of vacant parking spaces. Thus, smart parking management with Matrix VMS reduces the use of error prone human resource, leading to huge savings in both time and money.


  • Both In/Out Count using Single Camera
  • Unauthorized Parking Detection for Vehicles
  • Prohibited Parking Detection for Vehicles
  • Improper Parking Detection for Vehicles
  • Wrong Way Detection for Vehicles
  • Premise Availability of Vehicles
  • Camera-wise Report Generation


  • SATATYA SAMAS PARKING MANAGEMENT CAM1 – Single Camera Parking Management License
  • SATATYA SAMAS LPR CAM5 – 5 Camera Parking Management License
  • SATATYA SAMAS LPR CAM20 – 20 Camera Parking Management License
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