Matrix Intelligent Video Analytics Security

Intelligent Video Analytics

Matrix VMS SATATYA SAMAS comes with Intelligent Video Analytics such as Intrusion Detection, Tripwire, Motion Detection, No Motion Detection, Loitering, Tailgating, License Plate Recognition, Vehicle Counting, Missing Object Detection, etc. These Analytics can identify specific events and notify the concerned person in real-time, thus thwarting the threat of damage. Furthermore, analysis of frequency and pattern of such events helps the enterprise better manage future handling of events. Continuous monitoring of video surveillance systems by humans is always prone to errors. It would be harsh to expect their eyes being glued to TV, which increases their chances of missing important events. Matrix, with its advanced analytics, notifies authorities in real-time notifications as soon as the event occurs. This enables security staff to act promptly and prevent the mishap, rather than investigating the incident after its occurrence.

Apart from security, video analytics help optimize processes, with its solutions such as Parking Management.


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