IP Video Surveillance for Industries

Generic video surveillance solutions are designed to fulfill a broad set of requirements spread across various industries. However, they are not customer centric and customers from specific industries are often left to fend for themselves. Matrix, a company renowned for designing solutions for large and medium enterprises, understands issues of multiple industries such as manufacturing, retail, education, hospitality, healthcare, BFSI, etc. due to its wide range of customers. This rich experience of dealing with a variety of customers has helped our engineers design industry specific video surveillance solutions for each of these industries, providing end to end solutions for all their surveillance issues. For example, industrial security cameras are rugged, and hence long lasting because of the metal enclosure.

Matrix has designed an industrial camera system and surveillance solutions for every industry. It offers low bandwidth notification to banks with hundreds of branches, integrates weighbridge software with video surveillance for manufacturing industries, offers centralized monitoring to retail stores, to two-way audio for educational institutes for recording lectures, etc.

Matrix is one of the very few companies which is competent in providing both hardware and software based solutions. Matrix has a wide range of products including network video recorders, industrial IP cameras, pan tilt zoom cameras, centralized management software as well as state of the art video management software, SATATYA SAMAS. Furthermore, Matrix Video Surveillance can also be integrated with other solutions of the enterprise to meet specific requirements of customers.



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