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IP Camera, NVRs for Government Industry

IP Video Surveillance for Government

Today, government organizations face a wide spectrum of threats ranging from terrorism to rising crime rates, shootings, and other emergencies. To curb the impact of these situations, government authorities require real-time monitoring and quick insights into what is happening in and around. Therefore, there is a growing need for utilizing new and innovative technologies in the drive for a safe and secure environment.

Matrix IP Video Surveillance is a smart, scalable and future-proof security solution that can monitor and control all government utilities. With its live monitoring capabilities and Intelligent Video Analytics, it notifies you instantly in case of suspicious activities, detects and reports crimes in real-time and enhances safety.


  • Deters Crimes
  • Improves Discipline
  • Prevents Thefts and Vandalism
  • Ensures the Utmost Safety of Employees and Assets
  • Maintains Records
  • Serves as an Evidence in Lawsuits
  • Improves Employee Productivity
IP Video Surveillance Benefits for Government Sector

Problems and Solutions

Regulates and Monitors Access to Government Buildings

Government buildings are always under high risk of break-ins and thefts. Moreover, they also consist of confidential data storage areas that should not be accessible to everyone. Therefore, they need an effective security system to regulate and monitor the entry of people in restricted areas. IP Cameras with Intelligent Video Analytics can be used as an effective tool to keep an eye on things in the event of an attack as well as identify people entering the premises. Additionally, IP Cameras can also be integrated with Access Control, and Fire and Alarm intrusion functionalities to maintain complete security.

Regulates and Monitors Access to Government Buildings

Combats Terrorism

It is an unfortunate fact that government buildings like airports, schools, prisons, museums and pilgrimage spots are the prime targets for terrorist activities. For this reason, it is extremely important that these government organizations employ strict security measures. Video Surveillance systems will help authorities in protecting employees, visitors and other assets against the act of terrorism and other criminal activities. A scalable, flexible and innovative Video surveillance system like Matrix IP Video Surveillance will provide authorities with invaluable tools in their efforts to maintain the highest possible levels of security.

IP Video Surveillance Solutions for Government

Detects Suspicious Activities

Intelligent cameras with built-in Video Analytics play a significant role in government security. These cameras utilize software algorithms to detect certain activities and scan for suspicious individuals. For instance, Matrix IP Cameras integrated with Facial Recognition technology work to help authorities find terrorist threats and monitor employee productivity.

Detects Suspicious Activities with Video surveillance

Deters Crimes

Video surveillance systems can be a cost-effective way to deter, document, and reduce crimes. Any footage from the IP Cameras can be used as a piece of evidence in the court. Many times, authorities are unable to take legal action against the offenders because of a lack of evidence. This is where IP Cameras serve as a boon to the government authorities. It provides them with the actual footage of the crime being committed. Additionally, smart cameras like Matrix IP Cameras are so powerful that they capture the offense even if it occurs in a remote location with low light.

Video surveillance with Deters Crimes

Ensures Seamless Operations Over Multiple Locations

Government organizations are usually spread over multiple locations. In such cases, managing multiple offices, ensuring quality and process compliance at every location is a very challenging task. Matrix IP Video Surveillance aims to provide seamless surveillance through centralized control from a single location. Monitoring options like Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Video Wall and Multi-display allow monitoring all locations from a single place.

Moreover, our solution can be integrated with other peripheral security systems such as Access Control, and Fire and Alarm intrusion functionalities, ensuring quality consistency and process compliance at every stage of operation.

Seamless Operations in the Government Industry

Helps in Post-Event Investigations

For government officers, Video is a critical tool for active monitoring and investigating – enabling them to effectively monitor remote locations by watching live feeds and deploying responders when threats are detected. Beyond this, law enforcement bodies can use the video footage to help support post-event investigations, providing evidence to solve crimes and evaluating the footage obtained from multiple locations.

Helps in Post-Event Investigations with Matrix Video Surveillance


  • ONGC
  • SAIL
  • DRDO
  • BARC


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