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Launching High Performance NVRs
Network Video Recorders
To view high resolution and good quality images/videos, it is necessary to have recorders that can decode them at the same resolution. Leaving behind the trails of age old HVRs, Matrix introduces its new range of Extreme NVRs with following key features:
Cascading: Monitor Streams from Multiple NVRs without a Server.
H.265 Compression: Saves up to 50% of the Storage Space
4K Decoding: Decode up to four 4K Cameras Simultaneously.
RAID Support: Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5 and Raid 10 Support.
High Storage: Up to 10TB in Each Slot to Store Data
512Mbps Throughput: Record Cameras at High Resolution of up to 12MP.

All in all, these features make our Extreme Network Video Recorders comprehensive, flexible, reliable, and capable of integrating with ONVIF Complaint Cameras
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