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Eliminate Server Cost
Transmit Visual Information Directly to NVR
Eliminate Sever Cost 
Transmit Visual Information Directly to NVR
What is the challenge?
Cost of a server is one of the biggest challenges while considering a Multilocation Video Surveillance solution for all kind of industries. Matrix Network Video Recorders have a unique feature called Cascading, which eliminates the need of a server for centralized management and monitoring.
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Let’s see how?
One Network Video Recorder (NVR) can be connected to 19 other NVRs and can receive connected camera streams without any server.
The master NVR (which acts as a server) at the central location can receive streams from all the cameras installed at various locations.
It follows the architecture of multiple masters and multiple slaves. Hence, one organization can make several master NVRs, sharing their respective camera streams among themselves.
A company having two CEOs at different locations can have access to all the camera streams of their branches using their local NVR by marking it as the master NVR.
Eliminates the Cost of a Server
Centralized Management and Control
Cascading is beneficial for MNCs and firms having multi-floor or multi-location offices.
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