Automatic Number Plate Recognition
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Highly Accurate Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Matrix Automatic Number Plate Recognition:
ANPR is a technology that effectively utilizes optical character recognition on images to read and identify vehicle registration plates, while on vehicle entry or exit. It ensures higher security by preventing unauthorized access, quick investigation with pictorial reports and reduction in manpower cost by automating parking and other such processes.
Parking Management Solution :
This solution helps in automating vehicle management by recognizing license plates, notifying unauthorized parking, and keeping track of the number of occupied and empty slots.
License Plate Recognition
Identify Unauthorized Parking
Identify No Parking
Identify Improper Parking
Weighbridge Integration :
This solution collects one of the pictorial pieces of evidence for the Weighbridge solution by capturing the vehicle registration plates of inward or outward vehicles for verification and auditing.
Vehicle Number Snapshot
Driver Snapshot
Material Snapshot
Weighbridge Snapshot
Evidence Receipt
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