La Maison Royale

La Maison Royale Chooses Matrix Security Solutions for Motion and Intrusion Detection

La Maison Royale Nairobi is a 4-star superior boutique business hotel with a “French taste”, State-of-the-art facility and close to the entertainment in the Westland neighborhood, La Maison Royale is a unique experience.

La Maison Royale prides itself with friendly staff and the practical touches that make being away from home easier, whether a person books their rooms by the day, week or longer. Travelling for business, looking for temporary or corporate housing, needing short-term housing during relocation, or planning a weekend getaway? La Maison Royale has a solution that will fit everyone’s budget.

La Maison Royale required a robust and seamless connectivity within sites. The asset and infrastructure security was of utmost importance with centralized control and command. In addition to this, a comprehensive and scalable solution with its growing demand was their first requirement. The hotel infrastructure required a private surveillance set up that is future-proof and allows integration with Time-Attendance solution for hotel staff. The hotel property required video analytics and high-tech surveillance tools with glitch-free performance under extreme conditions. Besides this, real-time monitoring and data security was their primary concern.

  1. Matrix IP Cameras- Project and Professional Series

    Matrix provided the solution by installing the high resolution IP Security Cameras at each location. According to the requirement, the cameras were placed at different locations of the hotel like reception area, corridors, cafetaria, etc. Crystal clear images of every corner of the corridor enabled a better monitoring of the customer service, cleanliness, behaviour of employees, etc. Furthermore, Matrix provided a future-proof and an integrated Time-Attendance solution for hotel staff.

  2. Network Video Recorders- SATATYA PARAM

    Matrix NVRs, SATATYA PARAM, were placed at the central location and all cameras were connected from different locations so that streams from both the locations can be viewed on a single screen. For storing the streamed videos, a feature known as Adaptive recording helped in storing more data in a defined space. Moreover, it has intelligent Video Analytics such as intrusion detection, motion detection which were applied. Instant notifications and real-time alert ensured 100% security of the premises.

  3. Mobile Application for Remote Monitoring- SATATYA SIGHT

    Matrix SATATYA SIGHT is a comprehensive Video Surveillance application for mobile devices. It is designed for smartphones and tablets running on popular operating systems such as Android and iOS. According to the requirement, the access was given to the authorities of the hotel to offer a view of all locations and cameras on a single window. Hence, providing real-time monitoring of the asset and hotel infrastructure security.

La Maison Royale Diagram
  • Instant aid during urgency
  • Flexibility of future expansion
  • Secured Entry and Exit of the staff as well as the guests
  • View Cameras and the recordings remotely
  • Carry out live monitoring of all the cameras connected at various places
  • Enhanced Security with Centralized Management and Control
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