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A highly renowned International School in India has 5 branches all across the country. Each branch has about 30 classrooms with 40 students per class.

  • Number of Video Recorders: 60+
  • Number of Cameras: 240 Analog Cameras and 240 IP Cameras
  • Time-Attendance and Access Control: 2 Nos of Door Controllers
  • Simultaneous Viewing of Cameras by Parents
  • Video Surveillance and Access Control Integration
  • To enhance the image quality as well as degraded performance of the existing video surveillance solution.
  • To allow all parents to observe their students' behavior in classroom. The existing surveillance solution allowed only 10 parents to view simultaneously.
  • To inform the parents about their children's safe arrival and departure from the school premises along with a snapshot.
  • To assist students by offering them classroom lessons which they missed due to their absenteeism.
  • Simultaneous login per HVR in the new solution increased to 120 users due to the higher throughput provided by the recording device.
  • Matrix Access Control device is integrated with the HVR connected at the entrance. This database level integration is helping the parents to supervise the security of their child as they get SMS notification regarding their child's arrival and departure from the school premises
  • Matrix HVRs are connected along with the microphones which capture the audio and link it with the video. This video feed is provided to the absentees to enable them clear the backlogs. Furthermore, it also helps the Principal of the school to check that

International school diagram
  • Enhanced Security of Critical Points with Improved Quality of Video
  • Parents remain Informed with Real Time Notifications
  • Improved Reputation of the School
  • Saved Cost by Partial Use of the Existing Infrastructure

SATATYA HVR0408S Hybrid Video Recorder
SATATYA CADRP700VL90CW 30x Analog Pan Tilt Zoom Camera
SATATYA CABR700FL36CW 700TVL Analog IR Bullet Camera
Centralized Management Software (CMS) Web Client and Mobile Application Software Solutions for Central and Remote Management
COSEC VEGA FAX Fingerprint and Card based Door Controller
COSEC PATH RDFM Fingerprint and Mifare Smart Card based Reader
COSEC GE Platform Application Server for 500 Users
COSEC GE TAM Time-Attendance and Leave Management Module
COSEC GE ACM Access Control Module
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