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5 Unexplained Features that your Video Management Solution should Compose

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The pandemic has shifted our way of operations especially due to the influence of factors like safety and hygiene. The shift for maximizing security at the endpoints of an enterprise has never been more important than before. Enterprises are adapting to the new normal by opting for security solutions such as video management systems that give [...]

3 Security Considerations Aviation Sector must Take into Account

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According to one of the industry reports by IBEF, the Indian aviation industry is expected to surpass the UK and become the 3rd largest market in the world by the year 2024 in terms of air passengers. Keeping this in mind, new locations needed to be converted into airports to match the requirements of the growing [...]

How a Video Management System is Bringing your Business to your Fingertips?

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In the contemporary world, businesses are not just setting their footprints physically, but also on digital platforms too. In this technology driven time, people want things on their fingertips than in hard copies. Gone are the days when businesses used to employ a bunch of security personnel to monitor their premises. These days it is tough [...]

Frequently asked questions for Video Management Software

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1. What is Video Management Software? Video management software (VMS) plays a central role in the surveillance system for modern organisations. It allows the user to monitor real-time videos, record, store, & playback recorded videos to derive useful insights of the surveillance site. 2. When to upgrade a Video Surveillance System? Nowadays, Video Management Systems offers [...]

What features to look for in Video Management System?

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Selecting the ideal Video Surveillance System for your enterprise is a long process as a lot of things must be considered before taking the decision. An ideal solution saves time, cost and streamlines the processes. Therefore, to help you make this decision easily, below is a listicle of all important features that must be present [...]