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8 Reasons Why Real Estate Sector Should Invest in Smart Parking Management System

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Accelerated industrialization has contributed hugely to the growth rate of the urban economy and an increase in income and the living standard of individuals all over the world. Which in turn resulted in two decades of exponential increase in the number of registered motor vehicles hitting the streets. Other contributors are the high affordability of cars [...]

3 Ways to Constantly Improve Your Security Systems

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  In contemporary times, the threats towards organizations are growing day by day. Video surveillance is just one side of the coin in making your organization immune from threats. What makes your organizational security more effective? Here, you’ll get all your answers in this blog! In order to cope with the threats and security [...]

Why the Future of Parking Video Surveillance Depends on Video Analytics?

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With the rise in the number of vehicles over the years, there has been a rise in the number of problems associated with it. Especially in the context of parking security, the present deployments are not enough to tackle the problems. Organizations and other private bodies are still depending on yesteryears systems to deal with problems [...]