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How New-age NVRs are Making Centralized Video Surveillance Solutions Possible

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Today, a CCTV camera can be spotted at every nook and corner where you go. Sure, these CCTV cameras level up security, but the greater the number of cameras, the greater the complexity to manage them. Thus, having a comprehensive system that can centrally manage video footage has become the need of the hour.  A centralized [...]

How New-Age Network Video Recorders Are Making Surveillance Smarter for Small & Medium Businesses?

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The rate at which digital and physical worlds are combining post-covid is huge. Where large enterprises are taking advantage of surveillance technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and video analytics. Likewise, small and medium enterprises are also not behind in the run. Adapting to technological advancements such as smart analytics and other smart features is [...]

3 Things Customers Overlook about Network Video Recorders

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With the evolving technology, each day we get to know something fascinating about it. Well, with the advancement, the technology is gradually moving towards from analog cameras to IP cameras. Similarly, the devices used for storing video surveillance is gradually conforming to Network Video Recorders (NVRs). Network Video Recorders are primarily the video recording devices that [...]

How to Choose the Best Network Video Recorder for your Business?

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Security for any business is imperative. After all, how do you plan to earn profits if you cannot manage to protect your assets? Security being a global concern for all kinds of businesses, companies providing security has managed to offer varying security solutions. However, the best solution may not always be the best for your business, [...]