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Ameliorating Security of Manufacturing Workplace with HD IP Cameras

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While the term ‘smart’ manufacturing is quite common, manufacturers still rely on outdated security systems to protect their assets - leaving their premises vulnerable to thefts, violations and security breaches. For many years, grainy surveillance systems have been adopted by businesses in order to secure their resources. But, the times have changed and technology has drastically [...]

Frequently asked questions for Video Management Software

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1. What is Video Management Software? Video management software (VMS) plays a central role in the surveillance system for modern organisations. It allows the user to monitor real-time videos, record, store, & playback recorded videos to derive useful insights of the surveillance site. 2. When to upgrade a Video Surveillance System? Nowadays, Video Management Systems offers [...]

3 Ways Matrix Video Surveillance can Reduce Bandwidth Cost up to 40%

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Security threats are growing day by day and so is the video surveillance industry. With advancement of technology, the quality of cameras has seen a drastic improvement in the last five years. With each passing day, companies are coming up with higher resolution cameras, so much so that 12K cameras are now available in the market. [...]

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