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4 Must-Know Ways to Secure Your Manufacturing Unit from Security Threats

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One of the most important aspects of any manufacturing industry is the security and safety of its assets. Not only the safety of physical assets/ equipment but the safety of workers/ employees working in the plant. Just like safety equipment and practices must change from time to time, the world of industrial security must also evolve [...]

FAQs about IP Camera

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What is an IP Camera? IP stands for Internet Protocol. IP cameras are digital cameras that send and receive data via the Internet or computer network. Based on the size of the application, IP cameras require a central Network Video Recorder (NVR) and/or a Video Management Software to handle the recording, video and alarm management.  How [...]

Ameliorating Security of Manufacturing Workplace with HD IP Cameras

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While the term ‘smart’ manufacturing is quite common, manufacturers still rely on outdated security systems to protect their assets - leaving their premises vulnerable to thefts, violations and security breaches. For many years, grainy surveillance systems have been adopted by businesses in order to secure their resources. But, the times have changed and technology has drastically [...]

5 Reasons Why IP Cameras are Important for Retail Industry

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Retail is a vast industry, one which is dependent on two major factors, customers and employees. Customers are an obvious factor, but many of you may wonder why and how employees. Well, if you would have noticed, almost every retail store, be it small or a large scale has employees. Serving customers to a satisfactory level [...]